Build Your Own DIY Electric Truck

All you need to make your own electric vehicle are a few odds and ends. And a truck. Photo by Bill Brokaw

Now that it costs about $500 to fill your truck, many pick-em-up drivers are making the leap to electric even if they have to do it themselves.

Larry and Earl, brothers who live in out in Kebunk County, Iowa, did not want to shell out $40–60 grand for an electric truck when they knew they could build their own. They’d seen plenty of YouTube videos and it really wasn’t that hard as long as you could get the parts.

They spent several months salvaging a motor here and an electric component there until they had everything they needed, plus some spares. They flipped a coin, selected Larry’s truck and went to work putting everything together. They’re both pretty handy with a screwdriver.

Best of all, no computers, no circuit boards, no geeky programmers needed.

It took a few tries. The first truck would short out if there was as much as a heavy dew or someone sneezed nearby. The next model was water proof but only got about 100 yards per charge and gave you a massive shock every time you braked or ran over a small animal.

Eventually, they perfected their home made electric truck and and are rightfully proud of it.

Pole-mounted transformer. Perfect for a quick charge.

It only gets about 50 miles per charge which would be a problem for a truck that needs a charging station, but theirs can be charged anywhere they can find a pole-mounted transformer. They just climb the pole and clip leads to the bare wires that lead to the transformer. Charging takes about 3 minutes.

What could go wrong?



Photo taker and writer of Photo Stories.

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