Many people are eschewing petrochemical-powered machines in favor of old fashion carbohydrate-powered models. It’s becoming a common site to see someone using a push mower like they did in Little Rascal movies. Push mowers hardly work worth a crap, but they’re emission-guilt free.

I’ve also seen people using rakes instead of loud, annoying, fume-spewing, blowers. They wave their rakes back and forth, fanning their leaves into piles that they then soak in oil and burn. Sometimes they throw in a tire.

Motorized backyard gardening also is a big source of CO2, but there is hope. Back in the 1890s, young suburban mothers cultivated their gardens with baby plows and they’re making a comeback, too. My neighbor has one.

It’s become a bit of a status symbol, especially the old ones. They are totally back-ordered, sitting in container ships lodged in the Suez Canal. If you are lucky you might find a usable baby plow in an antique store or you can steal one left in a driveway unattended.

If you steal one, please leave a note so the mother knows where to find ner baby.

Photo by author. Baby model, Clair Hessleforth, ASC.



Photo taker and writer of Photo Stories.

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